Payment Information 

  Are you considering adding a beautiful Saint puppy to your home? We may have just what you are looking for!

  The best way to get your choice selection is to sign up for our waiting list. Send an
e-mail with your gender and coat-type preference. You will receive a questionnaire along with a reply. Please return it with your answers. Upon receipt and approval of the completed questionnaire, your name will be added to our waiting list. You will be contacted via e-mail when a litter is born.

  Please let us know well ahead of time if you will not be able to pick your puppy up in person from our southwest-Michigan farm. Additional shipping and care charges will be assessed and added to the purchase price if you need us to ship your puppy to you. All applicable fees must be paid in full prior to the puppy's departure from our farm.

  Puppies are not released from our care until they are at least eight weeks of age.

  Purchase price for one of our puppies begins at $900. Half of the total is required as a non-refundable deposit at the time you select your puppy from the litter. You must contact us to discuss purchase price in order to calculate the deposit. Paying the remainder of the purchase price and signing our purchase agreement are additional requirements at the time we release the puppy to you. Your puppy will have received his or her first set of vaccinations, a de-worming and have had his or her front and rear dew claws removed. A puppy package including the AKC registration certificate, a dry-food sample, a Saint Bernard Care Information Sheet and a hand-made soft baby blanket with the scent of the puppy's mother and litter mates on it will be presented to you when we release your puppy into your care.

  Accepted Payment Methods.  Paypal or cash are our accepted payment types for the deposit and final payment. If you choose to pay through Paypal, we must add a 3% convenience fee to the total cost to offset the charges Paypal levies on us. We do not charge you anything more than what Paypal charges us for the transaction. If paying by Paypal, please follow the instructions below.

Health Guarantee. We believe in the health and soundness of our puppies. When you add a puppy from our farm to your family, you can rest assured that he or she is guaranteed against genetic defects for the first year of his or her life. If, in the first year of your lives together you have concerns about the genetic health of your puppy, we will ask that you act promptly to procure a report detailing your concerns from your veterinarian. If a second examination from a veterinarian of our choosing supports your claim of genetic defect, we will refund your full purchase price. This guarantee specifically covers hip or elbow dysplasia.

  Our first preference is to leave our puppies in their loving homes, and we feel that, in the very unlikely event of a genetic defect, the refunded monies should be used to make your puppy as healthy and comfortable as possible in your family, which he or she will have grown to love. But if you find yourself unable to care for your dog, we will insist that you return him or her to our farm so that we can protect and maintain his or her quality of life. Please refer to your purchase contract for full guarantee details.

  Safe, Healthy Homes. We are strongly committed to providing safe, healthy homes for all our puppies throughout their full, natural lives. If at any point you find yourself no longer able to give your dog a safe, healthy home, our contract stipulates that you must return him or her to our farm rather than give him or her up to a rescue or readoption agency. Please refer to your purchase contract for full details.

PAYPAL INSTRUCTION: To pay by Paypal, click on the Paypal icon below and set up or sign in to your paypal account. You may submit payment to:

We accept
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