Aslan's doing great! We're gung ho on the house training and he's picking it up fast -watching him like a hawk right now. He was a little sad the first night but the second was much better and the third even easier. He is LOVING the backyard and is trying to find some way to get under our deck (imagine that!). The kids are having a great time getting to know him and learning how to deal with the puppy nipping at them.

His vet check went well. The doctor was very pleased that you had already chipped him and thought Aslan was in great health. Already gained about a pound since he came home. He's also getting lots of attention from all the neighbors... I actually had a woman stop her car and turn around so she could talk to me about him, she has a Saint who is 6 months old and only lives a couple of  blocks from us so we are going to get the dogs together sometime to play. How funny is that?

Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.

Sarah, Illinois

Hi Leah,
I am the guy who bought Ben "Edmund" from you.  Just wanted to let you know how well he's doing.  He's a big brute and he has the best disposition of any Saint we have had since the first one.  He's very popular with the neighbors, I'm sure that they are terrified whenever they see him coming, but by now, most everybody knows that he is friendly.

Ben's best friend is our 1 1/2 yr. old Basset "Cosmo".  They run around like crazy in the yard and play tug of war with any piece of junk they can find.  His other favorite thing to do is go on golf cart rides.  He sits in the back whenever I get the morning paper or go back to cut firewood.  My brother Ron has three young kids 6-12 yrs. old.  When they go out to the pond Bennie never let's them get too far ahead.  I think his protective instincts are excellent. Talk to you later.

Tom, Indiana

Hi.  Just a quick update to let you know that Pete is doing great and getting huge!  At his 6 month vet appointment he was 130 lbs...  and growing!  He is the sweetest guy and "usually" pretty good at listening to and following commands- we are happy to have him.  I have attached some recent pics.  Tina, Illinois

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